Frank McCourt : Learning to Chill Out Journal Response

I feel like in alot of ways, Frank Mccourt was write about how he should write about his childhood.  From his father being an alchoholic to be very poor, he had a very rough childhood in a really slummy town in Ireland called Limerick.  Frank said when writing the book, Angela’s Ashes, he would have to be real mature with a high self esteem. 

Growing up he read many books about people from England and stories from England.  He also was involved in a strict religion that he didnt really understand.  He says that how is it a sin to have pride?  In America people always say to walk tall and be proud of your heritage.  He found out though in the bible it states that Lucifer got kicked out of heaven because he was to proud and he thought that he was as good a god or greater.

In all Frank had a very tough childhood in Ireland.  His father would never work and when he does he would blow away all the money he makes on drinks.  His father says the money he makes is for him and the money they get from the country is for the family, which isnt nearly enough.  Growing up in the slums but reading stories from many famous writers inspired Frank to do the same.  He matures and writes about his rough childhood with his siblings in Ireland.

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